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Many have said that Banksy has put Weston-Super-Mare on the map with his recent Dismaland exhibition, but Banksy is not the only one to make his mark on this seaside town.

Jamie Scanlon aka JPS has created numerous stencil pieces throughout the town.

In conjunction with the Business Improvement District team, The Weston Street Art Trail map has been launched to show people where they can find many of his pieces.

Armed with a copy Street Art Atlas ventured on a mini tour…

The map detailed 21 JPS pieces which included a few others by his protégé Fawn.
Even with the map some of the pieces took some time to find as the pin points were more of a guide to find your own way. A few of the stencils were quite small and tucked away – easily missed if you wasn’t sure what you were looking for.
The map led to the centre of town, out of town and down some tiny alleyways and around to the seafront that had a quaintness that leaves it feeling stuck in a time warp.

In total 28 JPS pieces were spotted – the location for his work had been clearly thought out with the stencils placed ideally, using the urban surrounding to its advantage. The influence of Banksy is evident in his work, but developed with his own style and humorous message.

JPS has been on the street art scene since 2009 but over the last few years his work has gained greater attention. A documentary about his life and street art called “If Walls Could Talk” is due for release in the next few months and he is currently in Norway where he has been commissioned to create his work.

Street Art Atlas was informed that talks are currently ongoing to develop a street art festival for Weston next year which is sure to bring more street art fans flocking like seagulls!

A copy of the Weston Street Art Trail map can be downloaded here:

More streetart photos from the area (including Fawn’s work) will be posted soon.

Check out JPS facebook page.

Posted by Street Art Atlas on Wednesday, 7 October 2015

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