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19 entries.
Robert Robert from Exeter wrote on September 14, 2016:
Hi JPS, I would like to commission a spray work for my home - please email me if this is something you can do. Thanks
Huw Huw from Arundel wrote on August 18, 2016:
Hi JPS, I would like to commission a stencil artist to work inside my food factory in Sussex - please email me if this is something you can do. Thanks
Jane Jane wrote on July 12, 2016:
Hello jps, I already tried to reach you here but I did not get answer. I don't know of another way to contact you... My boyfriend is turning 30 and he is a big fan, he bought two of your artworks already. For his birthday I want to make a book with all his friends' pictures an family's. It would make it even more special if you could paint the book's cover! Please let me know if that would be possible asap so that I can organise everything I know it would make him so happy! Best, Jane
Jane Jane from London wrote on May 31, 2016:
Hello JPS, my boyfriend is a big fan of your work and I am thinking of doing something special for him, could you email so I can send you more details and see with you if it could work? Thanks a lot!
Tapir Tapir from Weston Super Mare wrote on December 5, 2015:
Mr JPS, Im researching a book on dismaland the Stewards and WSM, Im really interested in including some aspect of your work and the WSM map you've created. Please can you email me cheers
Jon Hutchins Jon Hutchins from weston s mare wrote on December 4, 2015:
Wow been following you for ages and have just seen you on the West News!!!!! finally getting the recognition you so massively deserve!!!!! Keep entertaining your fans 🙂
Neil Lawson Baker Neil Lawson Baker from Chichester wrote on November 17, 2015:
Hi JPS............Welcome to Chichester. I was responsible for organising The Street Art Festival in Chichester in 2013 and brought all the artists here and lodged them and fed them for 2 weeks!. Great to have your work near the STIK piece and so close to the world famous Pallant House Gallery. Could you possibly e mail me so that we can be in touch. Neil.
Mike Mike from Weston s Mare wrote on October 31, 2015:
So disappointed to see Predator painted over. What a shame. On a different note do the early pics you did on your Mums shed and round the garden still exist .
Job lot Job lot from WSM wrote on October 24, 2015:
Mostly good... but... the worlds a bad enough place as it is... so do we really want the horror film stuff pushed in our faces, plastered all over westons walls... Answer... NO! Take a leaf out of Banksys book and be funny and uplifting not the nasty, downer, sicko bummer stuff... please. . Also what about the kids who have to walk past the twisted sicko stuff.
VK VK from North Andover wrote on October 20, 2015:
So I've been a fan of yours for awhile now on fb. You promised me a police guy if you ever got to Boston! Haha. I'm so happy for you! Love danger mouse and the general Lee.
Crimson Crew Crimson Crew from Bristol wrote on October 19, 2015:
Loving the shit you did in Norway bruh. Bring that business down to the Bristol ends
Scottie Scottie from Wsm wrote on September 27, 2015:
Keep up the great work bro????????????????
Jill Westlake Jill Westlake from Weston super mare wrote on September 10, 2015:
my son has been talking about your art work for months now and I have seen loads of your stuff it's just amazing ...would be great to own one...
mark cooper mark cooper from weston super mare wrote on September 1, 2015:
been around weston photographing your work. very good and eye catching I've just found out there's more than sonic boom behind vanda's so going back there tomorrow keep up the good work. Only thing is could you put the locations of new work as you do it on your facebook page
melody melody from weston super mare wrote on September 1, 2015:
i live opposite your pic you did of freddie kruger .. was amazing to watch you work .. my kids were mesmerized and watched you the whole time
Bob Turner Bob Turner from Weston-super-mare wrote on September 1, 2015:
Keep up the good work, I have been out photographing your artwork for a while now. I would appreciate an email ' heads up ' for the new ones....thanks
Kevin McNulty Kevin McNulty from Weston-super-Mare wrote on September 1, 2015:
My wife and I have walked around WSM today looking for your artwork, we are very impressed with the quality of it, we also saw some of Fawns work which is also very good, we have both recently retired and have seen quite a lot of the street artwork in Bristol while looking for the Shaun the Sheep sculptures. We got to know about you about a week ago and like your story, good luck in the future and we look forward to finding some more of yours and Fawns work in the future old and new work.
Becky Filer Becky Filer from Weston-super-Mare wrote on September 1, 2015:
JPS good work! Please can you tell us if you are planning an alien artwork in Weston that would be awesome? It's my son and husbands fav film. Many thanks Becky
Web Design Web Design from Weston-super-Mare wrote on September 1, 2015:
Hey JPS , Just straight dropping by to holler that your work is AMAZING - much respect.